Why this site- Art of Green Living


Yes! The first and the important one is to create positive change through knowledge sharing …..

A popular novelist, actress and educator Maya Angelou has rightly said- “When you learn, teach. When you get, give”My interest in environmental conservation coupled with my education in the same have always motivated me to contribute towards community through knowledge and information sharing. Be it through informal chat with friends, families and relatives, or through educational programs for the schools and the local communities, or through my actions, I am always passionate about transferring the knowledge to create any positive change it could bring.

The early volunteering service on Environmental Education that never faded away …..

My involvement as a volunteer in various not for profit environmental organisation soon after my Bachelors degree in Environmental Science further ignited my passion for environmental conservation and sustainable living. The close engagement with school students and teachers during this period have motivated me to contribute towards school environmental education to achieve a sustainable future for all.

 Sharing the treasure of resources……

Knowledge is probably the only thing that gets multiplied by sharing, hence why not!! Over the years of my study, work and as a part of my interest, I have collected and developed a good deal of resources on sustainable living, environmental conservation and sustainable future; and accumulated valuable life skills and ideas. It would be my absolute pleasure to share those invaluable wisdom through this platform.

 Sharing the lifestyle that somewhat was a part of my eastern upbringing……

My interest and the ease with which I accept and implement the concept of sustainable living has been a part of my upbringing which I guess is prevalent for most households in developing countries. The concepts on reduce, reuse, repair and recycle; not to waste food, save water and energy were few of the many things that were instilled upon by my parents. Today the concept is emerging as a vital principal in developed countries. Even though it was mostly to save money rather than to save the environment at that time, the habit that was implanted in the early years have somehow become the crucial behavior and now it gives more pleasure than ever to know that the things I have been preaching also have enormous environmental, social and health benefit.

 Last but not the least becoming a parent you could only be concerned about making everything better for kids….

A quote that I first learnt during my high school – “we have not inherited this planet from our ancestors but borrowed it from our children” have always had a strong impact on me. The quote becomes more evident after I have my own kids. And now every action that I and my husband take revolves around them. As parents it is our duty to make sensible and effective decision and conscious choices for the family and to transfer the knowledge to the younger generation. The choices we all make today are part of the legacy we’ll leave our children and grandchildren. Kids are very good at copying their parents and in addition any knowledge that we infuse them will be with them for the rest of their life.  Kids these days are already a consumer and have their strong say on what they want to buy. Environmental education at the early age will help them understand social responsibility and encourage them to make sensible and conscious decision. Educating children in environmental education is the most effective way to have broader influence in the society as their actions can impact their family, school and the entire community.

I am trying to reach out to wider community to achieve sustainability through education, awareness and action and I am hopeful that this site will add fuel to motivate and influence all of us to get a step closer to a cleaner, greener and healthier home, community and planet.

“Be the change you want to see in this world” Mahatma Gandhi

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